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Finesville, New Jersey









Folks are busy... you can't do everything...  





The Usual Weekly options...

  • Sunday morning, ten o'clock... Worship.




We sing... pause... pray... read some Bible...contemplate a sermon... maybe nod off... and are together with some other folks to give attention to God





  • Tuesday morning, seven o'clock... Coffee with Byron, maybe Mike, and whoever shows. 



It's informal. 

We read a bit of Bible and some spiritual reflection gets going. 

Prayer & outta there around 7:30. 

Drop in.




  • Wednesday morning, 9:00-11:00... Community Food Pantry open at church




Food if you need it.

Often clothes are available...




  • Wednesday evening, 7:00... Bible Study & Conversation.




Just finished Hebrews... and three weeks of post-Reformation church history.

We'll pick up a fresh Bible study after Easter.





Every few weeks on a Monday evening a Book Discussion gets going at Panera Bread in P'burg, 7:30 pm.




Romans -- Paul's letter. 

We're talking our way through it now, keeping an eye on

RC Sproul's Romans: the Righteous Shall Live By Faith.




Tidied up The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer.

Recently we handled True Paradox by David Skeel, The Heresy of Orthodoxy, by Andreas Kostenberger, as well as D.A. Carson's The God Who is There... before that Wayne Grudem's Systematic Theology...zzzzzz....



Sunday Class during the school year, nine o'clock.




"Apatheism" ... and are people even interested?  Hmmm.  It'll end soon.  





It's more than a class... it's time together for encouragement & care & growth...


Recently we picked our way through Hebrews, and before that Paul's letter of Ephesians.

The Jesus Creed, by Scot McKnight

Liturgy of the Ordinary by Tish Harrison Warren

Side by Side by Ed Welch was our Spring 2016 book study. 

If God... Then What?  by Andrew Wilson was another recent goodie.